Pelvic Floor Muscle Activation

Pelvic Floor Muscle Activation

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Instructors: Chandana Mannedi


Why this course?


These muscles make up as the base of the core of the body. They run like a hammock from coccyx to the pubis symphysis and from side to side at sits bones. Can also be visualised like a muscular or soft tissue trampoline. These muscles (Levator Ani and Coccygeus muscle) are closely and firmly wrapped around the holes or passages (3 in women and 2 in men), to keep them shut.

When these muscles contract the internal organs are lifted and passages are closed. When they relax, they allow the passage of urine and faeces. Along with supporting the pelvic organs, these muscles help in stabilising the spine and pelvis during its functions. They provide great support in body weight transfers like during sit to stand and stand to walk.

Although these muscles are hidden from our view, these can be consciously activated, controlled and trained exactly like the abdominal and the spinal muscles.

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