Juicy hips

A complete daily ritual for your hips flexibility

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Instructors: Chandana Mannedi


Why this course?


Often we tend to think having flexibility the ultimate sign of fitness or physical health. But in reality it is only part of or is one of the components of physical fitness. In my experience I have seen more people asking for flexibility especially hamstrings which is most stretched and least strengthen. But just stretching hamstrings is not enough in anyway because no muscle or muscle group works alone.

Your focus must not be just pull the two ends of the muscle or any soft tissue to an extent that you have gone beyond its extensibility and you end up into tear by permanently damaging it. Instead think of flexibility as having freedom of movement. Move with breath and mindfully. Talk to your body, connect to your body. Work with what you have today than forcing the tissue. This way you will be lengthening the muscle tissue with some memory that is constantly retained by your body and has become a skill.

Here I have tried some basic foundational movements but are very effective to begin your journey towards hip flexibility. You might also be aware of these exercises but what I will teach you here is how to do correctly and with variations

There are many levels and variations of improving your mobility of your hips but you can start here to not only address your flexibility at hips but also at your lower spine. Because it is almost impossible to improve your hips flexibility without training the lower back.

*please note that if you are experiencing a severe and acute hip injury/pain or chronic hip pain it is best to book an assessment with a Physiotherapist to determine the specific underlying condition. Also these movments are not one size fit all. Reach me at chandana@flexpilates.in if you’re interested in an individualized program custom to your needs.

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