Foam Rolling 101

Foam Rolling 101

Language: English

Instructors: Chandana Mannedi


Why this course?


Including this foam rolling 101 routine in your daily workout (pre or post) can be a game changer in getting a sculpted and pain free body.

Rolling out the tissues - The Fascia, your body’s internal webbing - can help you transform your core and posture. These feel-good, self-massage moves brings in great circulation, lubrication and hydration into the tissues, which makes the muscle look and feel supple and toned. It also helps stimulate lymphatic system, which helps reducing the water retention and bloating.

These results are profound and effective giving you a balanced body!

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*please note that if you are experiencing a severe and acute injury/pain or chronic pain it is best to book an assessment with a Physiotherapist to determine the specific underlying condition. Also these movements are not one size fit all. Reach me at if you are interested in an individualized program custom to your needs.

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