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Rewire: Alignment

I am fascinated by the concept of Rewire – because it gives an opportunity to introduce you to your own body, and connect. Read more…

Reset: Movement

When you move, you have to make a conscious effort until it becomes a subconscious skill, which leads to resetting your body’s consciousness and breaking old patterns. Read more…

Revive: Integration

The state of Revive is when the body experiences a flow and fluidity of energies, which leads to a feeling of rejuvenation and revival; thus leading to a Pain-Free Zone. Read more…

Pain Free Life

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As someone whose childhood companion was pain and inflammation, I empathise with people suffering from all kinds of pains. I conquered pain naturally and my mission is to ensure that everyone does too. My signature remedies include Movement Therapy & Mind Body Alignment Therapy to restore body’s natural rhythm and holistic health.

My soul purpose is to help people with pain take an active role in their recovery process so they can improve the quality of their lives and reduce their suffering. I accomplish this by enabling you to use your body intelligence and demonstrating Movements through my video courses that empower you to be the master of your mental, physical and emotional health.

Movement is Therapy

Imagine a Healthy life in which your Body Intelligence guides you to live a Pain Free life with scientifically proven Holistic Healing practices through Movement Therapy!

Now you don’t have to imagine any more. Living a Pain Free life is a reality Chandana Mannedi has manifested. External & Internal organs in the human body have a natural rhythm & movement that get disrupted due to several factors leading to mild to acute pain & disorder. Chandana shows us the right way to restore them to their natural state to regain healt
h & vigor.



It was hard. And it was shocking to see how little control or understanding I had of my own body. Weight loss and toning is now just a byproduct of the above. Pilates has now become an integral part of my life.


I have become more aware of my posture, my body contour and the different smaller muscles inside of me. It has made me physically and mentally more aware of who I am and I will be ever grateful for that connect.


It has helped my body reach levels that I have never experienced before. I am very grateful to Chandana and tremendously excited to witness where she is going to take me next with her immense knowledge.


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What equipment do I require to do your programs?

These programs can be absolutely can be done in the comfort oF your living room. You require basic things that you can procure from any of the sports shops or online. Here are the list of things that you need:

  • You
  • Comfortable thick mat
  • Small Squishy ball
  • 36 inches plain foam roller
  • Resistance bands of medium strength resistance
  • Resistance Loop bands of medium to heavy strength resistance

I am new to this kind of online programs. What prerequisite do I need to have? What If I never did any exercise before?

These programs requires no experience in any movement before. In fact these programs will help you in discovering YOU. These programs are perfect for complete beginners, and every exercise and course is explained step by step. Also as you have this program forever with you you can always come back to the videos and watch then again and again as many times as you want.
Also these programs are perfect for those who want to improve their technique and not just do them.

How much time does these programs require?

This is the best part that these programs are made week wise and each day of the week may not require more than 15-20 mins a day. There are many programs to choose from that you can pick according to your conditions and timeline required.

Will I loose weight with your programs?

Although you can lose weight while doing these movements in all the programs, this is not the prime intention or will not happen just by these. Initially choose the basic foundational programs to overcome your pain and discomfort and then choose the programs that I have specially designed to tone and sculpt your body.

What if I get stuck or have questions, do I have an access to Chandana?

You will have access to her private Facebook group - recover community, where along with connecting with her you will meet more people.

Are your programs suitable for all ages?

Movement is essential part of any body at any stage of our lives. These program can be done by anyone who is willing to learn and nurture their bodies. While these programs are designed and explained with all do and don’t and precautions, and safe to be performed by anyone of any age (minimum 8 years), I highly recommend to consult your physician or any healthcare professional before starting these programs.

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